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Ceiling paint is extra flat in sheen to hide imperfections

It takes a little bit to get used to the tool.Step Slicer Knife manufacturer7 Clean UpThis is the fun part.Step #6 Prime and PaintEspecially if there are any stains on your ceiling, use a good stain-blocking primer and then a couple coats of flat ceiling paint. You want the popcorn to be good and soaked but not so much that it affects the drywall underneath. Be careful not to gouge the drywall underneath. It will likely need some sanding to smooth it out. Only wet as large of a section as you can work with. They became popular because of their inexpensive price tag and ability hide most ceiling imperfections.Popcorn ceilings came to prominence in the 1950s and 1960s and were a very popular ceiling treatment in homes across America.

Since you took the time to plastic off and cover everything clean up is a cinch.Step #4 Sand itUnderneath the popcorn ceiling, you might find a fairly rough coat of drywall mud. If you had a plaster ceiling underneath the popcorn, you may find some chips and gouges that need repair.Step #5 Skim Coat itTo get the ceiling finished and looking nice, you can either skim coat or touch up and patch any rough spots. While I may break out my parachute pants to buck style trends occasionally, there is no love lost between most folks and their popcorn ceilings. A garden hose is not the right tool for this. Rather than applying 3 coats of mud (joint compound) and sanding to perfection, builders could apply just one coat and then spray this thick covering over everything. This unique # tool allows you to attach a trash bag to it so that as you scrape the unwanted popcorn ceiling falls cleanly into the bag. If you have a helper, one person can spray the ceiling as the other removes the popcorn. Tape plastic sheeting around the entire perimeter of the room at the top of the walls to keep the walls, windows and doors clean.

Ceiling paint is extra flat in sheen to hide imperfections and covers very well at an affordable price. Without the canvas, you’ll be sliding all over the place when any wet popcorn comes off. You’ll have to let the ceiling sit for about 10 mins before scraping it off.Tools Needed:2 mil. Start with a 10 SF section and see how that works and then go up or down from there. This will allow for easier, more dust-free removal. or thicker Plastic Sheeting (lots of it)Ceiling Texture Scraper6?this is a messy process. It works well, not perfect, but it’s much cleaner than trying it without the bag. Most of us want them gone and are willing to pay, but the truth is that you can do this yourself if you’re not afraid of getting a little messy.Step #2 Wet the CeilingFill the pump sprayer with water and spray the ceiling down to wet the popcorn. Use a pole sander to smooth this out. You deserve a well-earned shower and the rest of the night off!. Put a layer of plastic on the floor and then put the drop cloth on top of that.Once the 1980s were over, popcorn ceilings fell out of fashion along with leg warmers and, sadly, parachute pants.Step #3 Scrape it OffUsing the ceiling texture scraper, scrape the popcorn away. Use the drywall knife for the smaller nooks and crannies that you can’t get the texture scraper into. Find a system that works for your situation. Get all of the furniture out of the room. Just roll up all the plastic and put it in a garbage bag. Voila!There you have it! Popcorn ceiling removed and the 1980s have been banished from your old house.